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A&M International offers turnkey shipping and storage solutions. From logistics to expedition, qualified employees oversee the entire process from start to finish. They know how to meet your every need, ever in compliance with A&M International’s values of punctuality, safety and innovation.


A&M International is pleased to participate in your success. We spare no effort in adapting to your changing needs over time. We have many assets at our disposal: experienced dispatchers, qualified drivers and recent, safe equipment. We also have contracts with owner-operators to handle any special requirement you may have.

Our fleet of vehicles consists of:

  • 30 long-haul trucks
  • 3 city trucks
  • 140 two and three-axle dry-box trailers


As a responsible corporate citizen, A&M International elected to join the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec’s preventive maintenance program (PEP). This program is safety-oriented, first and foremost.

It involves regular inspections of a transportation company’s tractor/trailer vehicles. Mechanics assigned to these inspections are specifically trained for the task and must pass a test proving their knowledge in preventive maintenance. A&M International complies with all the program’s membership conditions.

Mechanics assigned to the inspections make any necessary corrections: adjustments, repairs, lubrication and parts replacement – nothing is left to chance. Our vehicles are permanently maintained in their best possible state. Therefore, we can hit the road confident that we are protecting all road users.

Types of shipping

We offer general and specialized shipping to meet your every need. Trailers, semi-trailers, single deliveries and multiple pick-ups are among the services offered. The best shipping solution is always chosen. We also deliver complete loads of your goods using a single, dedicated truck and trailer. Intact and routed on time, your goods will reach their destination on schedule. We even offer rush delivery!

Types of goods

A&M International is certified to ship goods of all kinds. We analyze the risks and comply with established safety standards and regulations. Each delivery is examined and processed based on the very best formula. You can rest assured that your goods are protected and following a route planned down to the smallest detail, for the drivers and for you.

We transport the following goods on a daily basis:

  • Retail products
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Agricultural products
  • Construction materials
  • Food and beverages
  • Mail
  • Chemical products
  • General cargo
  • Hazardous materials


To provide turnkey solutions in addition to shipping, we can store your goods in our 50,000 ft2 warehouse available for short- and long-term storage, complete with insurance coverage. We also offer transhipment services for goods travelling by sea, road or rail.

Day after day, A&M International seeks to participate in our customers’ success. Being in business since 1987 proves that A&M International’s priorities are aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs.


For optimum customer service, our trucks are equipped with ISAAC software. The program is designed for vehicle fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers and offers functions specific to the industry’s requirements.

This cutting-edge technology, improved on a continuous basis, tracks vehicles in real time. We know exactly where your goods are at any given time in the shipment chain and so do you, making it possible for us to ensure the tight, efficient management of all deliveries.

The software provides automated reports covering all information concerning the shipment of your goods, allowing us to answer all your questions with precision. Everything is recorded: from items related to risk and conformity to performance indicators.

We have everything within reach to guarantee you exceptional service!

ISAAC Incontrol


To optimize our operations and ensure your total satisfaction, we have partnered with BesRoute for our tracking software. The software was developed by Besner, a road transport specialist. It provides real time information on the status of your deliveries.

BesRoute allows us to monitor every step in the shipment of goods, providing information on the geographic positioning of our vehicles, unforeseen incidents, travel distances, delivery times and many other aspects. It allows us to react proactively to any situation.

From pickup to delivery, we keep you informed of the following:

  • The movement of your goods;
  • Shipping conditions;
  • Information in your personalized file.

This strategic information is an asset to serve you better for years to come!

Besroute program map view Besroute program
Example of the BesRoute software user interface and example of a trucker’s route on the map.