Entreprise A&M

About us


A&M International has been serving numerous customers since 1987. The company is firmly anchored in the industry, specializing in shipping and storage services. When the demand for services diversified, A&M International added complementary services to meet special needs. For decades now, it has focused on meeting the specific requirements of a large customer base.

Formerly, A&M International covered road corridors in Quebec and Ontario. Thereafter, the company expanded its territory to meet the needs of a growing clientele. A few years later, it began to ship to the United States.

Currently, company operations span Canada and the United States. In addition to shipping, A&M International now offers storage. As a member of the TFI International Network, it now ships various types of cargo based on well-ordered logistics.


At A&M International, our mission is to provide turnkey shipping and storage solutions to our clientele in order to respond to their needs. Safety and the protection of our customers’ goods is our primary concern. At A&M International, we take a very proactive approach to providing the very best solutions that meet the needs and different types of industries that we serve.


At A&M International, our company vision focuses on clear demonstrations of the quality of our customer service based on compliance with delivery schedules, our role as a go-between between our customers and theirs, and the use of innovative technology. With this policy in mind, A&M International provides services based on renewed expertise ever at the cutting edge of technology.



Every effort is made to deliver our customers’ goods on time. We establish realistic schedules, based on impeccable freight transport logistics, to coordinate our customers’ time requirements and our drivers’ working conditions.


The safety of goods is an ongoing concern. We never hesitate to adopt new methods and advanced technologies to ensure the safekeeping of goods entrusted to us.

Environmental responsability

At A&M International, we are fully aware of the importance of developing in harmony with the environment and minimizing our environmental footprint. Sustainable development is an integral part of our management system.

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